Koch Cultural Trust

The Koch Cultural Trust (KCT) was founded in 1986 by Liz Koch. Under her guidance as president of KCT, the program has evolved into a major source of support for outstanding artists with roots in Kansas. KCT creates opportunity for the most promising painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers and performing artists. Since its inception, KCT has awarded more than $1.8 million in grants.

Artist painting

Program Details

Program eligibility

KCT relies on a committee comprised of Wichita art leaders to select grant recipients. The selection committee grants awards, who in the committee's opinion, are qualified artists eligible for support to advance their talents. Applicants must have a connection to Kansas and be involved with performing or visual arts. Grant applications are accepted biannually. Application deadlines are March 1 and October 1.

About KCT Grants

Enabling Grants: These aid visual and performing artists of all ages who demonstrate the need for support to advance their talents and pursue key opportunities early in their careers. Enabling Grants are not eligible to fund degree programs. Maximum grant amount is $5,000.

Fellowship Grants: These provide full or substantial financial assistance to artists with specific plans for continued independent or tutored study. This prestigious award is designed for those whose study has advanced beyond degree-granting programs. The Fellowship Grant helps open doors for the most promising painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers and performing artists. Maximum grant amount is $30,000.

Application deadline

Grant applications are due March 1 and October 1.

Applicants must submit:

  • Completed application form online  
  • Official transcripts of your academic record  
  • Two online evaluation forms 
  • A list of all tutorial instruction  
  • A list of all performances, prizes and recognitions  
  • Audio or visual illustrations of personal work
  • A personal photo suitable for a press release  

All materials submitted become the property of the Koch Cultural Trust and will not be returned unless otherwise agreed upon. Auditions at the applicant’s own expense may be required of finalists. Decisions of the Selection Committee are final and all information remains confidential. Attendance and performance may be required of finalists at future awards banquets. Please answer all questions on the application accurately.  

Apply for a grant

To be considered for a KCT grant, please apply and submit by the biannual deadlines of March 1 or October 1.
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As I opened my award letter from KCT, I saw opportunity unfold before my eyes. I feel confident that I will make my dreams a reality.

Stevie Mack|Grant Recipient